Global In-House Market Report 2019: BeNeLux

Inge Pieters Salary Guide, Market Insight

The 2019 Global In-House Report is an overview of hiring trends from a variety of sources, from the local knowledge of experienced consultants to our regional salary guides through to general market sentiment derived from interviews with senior contacts.

Below is an extract from the BeNeLux section. The full report contains market insights for Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Turkey, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and North America.

The BeNeLux Legal Market

The politico-economic union of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (BeNeLux) is located in the centre of Europe’s largest markets. It has a supportive corporate tax structure, high level of education, multilingual workforce and good logistics infrastructure, making it a magnet for international companies and a preferred choice for European or regional headquarters.

The in-house legal market in BeNeLux is candidate-driven with companies fiercely competing for talent, resulting in businesses having to rethink their strategy and approach to attracting and retaining the right candidates. This not only means that hiring processes should be shorter since candidates are likely to have several opportunities, but also that companies have to offer more permanent contracts, higher wages and other benefits. With candidates receiving multiple offers, they are increasingly scrutinising a firm’s company culture and values to find the right fit for them. Companies need to do much more to make their job offer as attractive as possible. Candidates want to constantly develop so additional training and education offering is very important. This is also reflected in the increasing number of General Counsels obtaining a post-doctoral MBA.

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